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Doom 3 Mods & Mapping

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I was just wondering if anyone was already brainstorming some potentially good mod ideas. It sounds like it'll be a lot easier and faster to make them than past id games. Also, what about the limitations of Doom 3 mapping? In HL, no large open areas can be made without serious drops in performance, and in all current games lighting is always a big hassle to work with. And there always seems to be a limit on just how big the map can be. I'm hoping there won't be a maximum size.

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I would love to start brainstorming and drawing things out already, but I'm holding myself back until we know a good deal more about DOOM, its setting and its technology.

Map limits will certainly be bigger than Half-Life. id showed they can handle huge outdoor areas with Quake 3 Team Arena, and there's a decent chance these will be in DOOM as well. The only limitation I see is lights: like Carmack said, it's unreasonable in the new engine to just throw twenty little point lights into a room; because it will run really slow. You'll have to know a lot more about how lights work and how you can get the most of a few well-positioned light sources.

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