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DTNC review.

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I recently dled and looked over the doom: the next chapter rules for a pnp rpg.
I decided to try it out as i wanted some cyberpunk in my life.

Those who shun it because it is subject matter that could be VERY bad, VERY easily should give this a second look.
It is very professionaly written, and well organised. the system is sound and balanced, allowing ease and speed of gameplay. It also features enough complexity to sate those who desire a little detail as well :P.
I do like systems that are simple enough to be added onto, which I do quite freqently.
For one, I like to distribute die rolls over stats instead of just rolling for them. A bit more control over development that way without breaking anything :D

The only things i found questionable were the Psi powers.
I am not sure if the author threw them in to flesh out the cyberpunk setting, or just to explain the hellspawns powers.

Either way, they are easily ignored without destroying gameplay. Kudos to the author for such flexibility.

anyways, its nothing special, but it works, and works well. Tomorrow I am running a session, and will really give it the stress test (if you dont call being exposed to the people I play with the stress test, I dont know what is.).

BTW this was written in response to the general lack of material on this work, which i think deserves at least a little of conversation.

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