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The best MoD?

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Combine said:

id say that nuts2.wad is the best one :D


It was a alright concept, but he could have added some level to it and still keep that much enemies, it was just too bland and the floor textures (especially in the Cyberdemon room) hurt my eyes. Kind of laggy too.

Anyway, Doom 64 TC is a good mod, i also like those Western TC's (Boothill and Fistful of Doom), another one that'sgood is the Aliens TC.

Problem with that though is i keep getting stuck on the walls and such. I don't know what's up with that, you almost have to use clipping just to play the levels.

There's a ton more, i recommend you go through the 10 years of doom article on this site and the 2004 Cacoawards. You'll find tons of wad's/mod's and TC's that way.

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DarkJedi188 said:

Do you mean a mod as in "forum moderator" or a mod as in "WAD / TC"?

Or MasterOfDeath?

But all jokes aside, I think that one of my favorites is equinox even though I never beat it.

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Whatever you do, don't give this guy "I am an idiot".
I have become attached to my title.

On topic (sigh), my favorite, most awe-inspiring thing i have ever played for doom was.... i dunno. there are too many.
But rtc-3057 is up there.

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Favorite moderator so far is probably Grazza.
Favorite mod/WAD/TC.....There's too many to list.
OK here's an attempt: Batman DOOM, Carnage Galore 3, Darkening 1 & 2, Hordes Of Chaos 5, Memento Mori 1 & 2, WolfenDOOM: Operation Arctic Wolf, WolfenDOOM: Astrostein 3

...I'm tired now, lol.

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