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Imporvement ideas for person in charge of improving zdoom

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I have two ideas for improving Zdoom:
1:).,l;,> Make it so you can start monsters at custom z hight and immediately subject them to gravity. Why? So you can place them on bridges and stuff.
2:);,.31> Merge in the Monsters.wad and Humans.wad with Zdoom.wad to save the level players and editors (people not programs) some time from making a batch file with 3 custom wads.
If anyone else would want to add their suggestion then send it in an reply.

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1. Already possible.

2. Inflate ZDoom just for the sake of laziness? No chance!

You should merge the stuff you need form the Monster Resource Wad with your WAD, which isn't hard or time consuming.

Besides, you should post this at the ZDoom forums

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