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Little Bug: Entry type

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Howdy, just a little tiny bug with the latest beta:

1. download the latest EDGE.wad (the one that comes with 1.29 RC1) and open it with XWE
2. Most of the DDF entries have "DDF" in the TYPE column except for the newest additions (which are DDFFONT, DDFIMAGE and DDFSTYLE). Are the DDF entries hardcoded in XWE? If so, you'll have to add these new ones.

BTW, the DDFFONT entry shows as "View as Bytes" instead of text in the preview window.

I'm on Windows XP home SP2.
XWE version is 1.15 (Beta)

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This is not hard-coded into XWE. Open up the xwe.ini file (it's a simple text file), and look for [DDF]. You can add any new entry types there. This is (partially) what makes XWE eXtendable. (I'll add them for the next release.)

When you try to open an entry (for which there's no specified editor), XWE reads the first 256 bytes or so, and checks whether those are all readable characters. (Letters, numbers, spaces, etc.) If not, it displays the entry as BYTES (vs. text). The DDFFONT entry you mentioned has some accented chars in it (รค, etc). That's why XWE thinks this is binary data and not text. I guess I could make this checking routine more flexible by adding the accented chars, but actually there's a lot. It may mean that XWE would think some binary data is actually text... I guess this is a sideeffect you'll have to live with, unless you add the "DDFFONT" entry to the xwe.ini file. In that case, XWE knows which editor to use, so it will display as text.

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OK, thanks for that info. I've added the new types to the .ini and now everything is great.
It seems that it has also fixed the "view as bytes" problem too :)

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