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SW3: an amateur's quest for more money

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I may go with a group if I end up stuck with a group that wants to see it. If III is as much of an improvement over II as II was over I, I'd probably consider it worth the price of admission.

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i wish that hollywood porno has the speacial effects that starwars has, or i wish my real life ultimately had speacial effects like porno has. be bad ass to walk down the street in chasecam mode or birds eye veiw with a kick ass general midi bobby prince track it be the shiznits and ill be immortally commercialized until people will know what im worth or until my jessica simpson blow up doll gets pregnant then ill really be worth somthing after wee divorce

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Porno with high production value? Cums-a-lot in 3-D. Gladd to wear the 3-D glasses.

I think SW3 will be a rental for me.

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OK...you should really post when you're not drunk, high, whatever, that way we can figure out what you're saying. Mmmkay?

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