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Special FX problem....

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Okay, I know I've posted on this before, but I CAN NOT get the invisible bridge to work!

I made it so that the innermost sector (The one that will be used to set the height for the player to walk on) DID NOT reference the Outer sector (The height the innermost sector would be painted in, in this case, -256)

Here is how I did this, (I still see the floor, and a NASTY-AS-SHIT HOM effect on top of it)

Created Sector number 205. (Outside Dummy sector for inner sector)
Put Sector 206 inside, made sector have 2-sided linedefs.
Created Sector 207, Floor Height -256, Ceiling height 1024.
Using the LINEDEF tool, I dragged sector 206 into Sector 207.
Sector 206 DOES NOT reference 207, (meaning when you click on the gap between 206/207, only 207 is selected).

Removed all Lower textures.

I tried using WARM on this with the debug option -N=A, but it didn't fix anything! :(

Can anyone help?

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AFAIK (I never really used it myself) the invisible bridge sector has to reference to itself, i.e. both front and back line have to have the same sector reference.

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I finally realized what I was doing wrong.

Sector 206 wasn't self-referencing on the front/back sidedefs, while not referencing 207, or 205.

To remedy this, I once again created a new dummy sector, 208. I made a two-sided sector inside that, using its own linedefs to create two-sided sidedefs, thus giving it a self-referencing front and back sidedef of 208.

:) I'll have to remember this from now on.

Now I'm gonna be the Special FX masta... :D

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