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Fatal TQ

Getting back into the fray

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Well it's certainly been a long time since I've browsed these forums. Just thought i'd head in and say hello, memories were sparked when earlier this week I was considering firing up the old Doom Editor again. I've got a couple of levels incomplete and I've even been thinking about making a few more add-on levels for Resurrection.

Anything exciting been happening here? I see very few familar names on the board :)

- Tommie

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Is Trust the map where you get shot by that guy on the train?

I would have melted that guy if I got to fight him. :|

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Yeah but that would be too easy for you! Sometimes life's a bitch, and I thought i'd put that across in the game :)

At the moment I have two levels unfinished, one is a standard Doom 2 map with no special ZDoom / port features, I thought i'd go back to basics. The other is my Temple themed level which you can see screenshots of on my site (doomworld.com/fatal) I haven't updated the site for years and I don't have my login details either, I'll see if I can acquire these from one of the DW team. I'm not sure which level I should focus on when I do get some spare time, any suggestions? What would you prefer, a funky back to basics doom 2 level or a dirty underground temple with scripting, traps & more?

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dutch devill said:

Give me the dirty underground temple,with all the zdoom stuff in it.


No, forget that - do both :P

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It's up to you, but I'd say finish the standard one (first)... otherwise the dirt kinda soils my shiny shoes.

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