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Rotting Corpse

Judas Priest's new cd

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At fist I didnt think that I would be worth the 20 buck. I grew up in Priest so when Halford left and Ripper came in I took it as a slap in the face. For years I though th elast good cd they would ever make was Painkiller. Man, was I wrong and damn glad I was wrong too. Angel of Redemption is fukcing great. It has too be one of the best Metal cds to come out in years. Now all these kids can hear what real metal is. Any one else picked Angel of Redemption?

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Got it yesterday, with ltd. edition fancy digipak with DVD from last year's tour. Nice addition, with great live versions of a lot of the classics. As for the new stuff, it's great; the song "Loch Ness" has become somewhat of a modern party anthem in my clique already. "LOCH NEESS, LOCH NEEEEESS...!"

Or to say it another way:

Mr. Burns said:


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Is it out in britian yet? i looked in those two renowned stockists of hardcore rock and metal (Tesco and Woolworths) and neither of those had it (I did get my first Iron Maiden album from the small Tescos in the centre of Ely, which later became a Woolworths and started selling usless shit as opposed to sandwiches and milk and stuff people need but dont want to have to walk all the way to the edge of the city to get)

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