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Sliding doors visible through walls

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I'm trying to make a sliding door, but after it opens, the door is still visible through the walls! I don't really see what I'm doing different from the tutorials.

I isolated the area and uploaded it: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/vile1011/doorbug.zip

Ignore the textures, this wad uses an extra texture set which I didn't include.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've experienced this exact same problem, and in my case it turned out it was because of the nodebuilder I used. Try switching to different one.

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Anglefire and it's ilk can be a real pain
in the ass when you try to direct link to a file,
due to restrictions they try to place on stuff like
that. (They don't want you to look at linked images,
without seeing their banner ads. Dosen't bring in the
Benjamins for them).

Anyway, I tried to paste it in the address bar
without luck (got a blank file), so I used GoZilla,
and got the file with no problems. You might want to
consider changing webhosts.

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Like getting an own domain for 2,50 Euros... shouldnt be any expensiver in US ;) (2 Bucks for 50 MB with unlimited traffic, i asume)
If regristration of a .com is too expensive, then get .de ;)

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Xenophon said:

Copy and paste the link into the address bar...

I can download the file ok. However, in trying to unzip it says it's corrupted.

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