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Lump read speed

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What happened to loading lumps into text in the latest beta? I try to open hexdd.wad (that Hexen addon) and it begins reading the first lump (DEMO1). It's still cycling through the lines as I'm typing this.

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No, it eventually read the file. But it shouldn't take 10 minutes to read and display a single DEMO1 lump.

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I don't think this is not new to the latest beta.

One of the initial goal for XWE was to be able to edit all the lump types, this would include DEMO lumps. Right now the demo "editor" is display only, and it is in fact pretty slow. Not to mention sort of useless: I don't think anyone is reading through the demo movement data. (Those guys who deal with demos probably use one of the more specialized demo tools anyway.) For the next version I'll think I will just take this out, or make the demo "editor" display only the first few pages of the data or something.

Meanwhile, open up the xwe.ini file (it's a simple text file), locate this entry: [DEMO]. Put a semicolon in front of the line "Editor : DemoEditor". This will prevent XWE from using the slow demo "editor", and the lump will be displayed as a hexdump.

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