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I fucked up my map and I can't fix it.

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Ok, this is the most bizzare problem. Two Vertexes are occupying the same spot causing it to fuck up. So to remedy this problem one would just delete the vertexes and the sector that the vertxes are associated with, correct? Well I delete the offending vertex, and it states that another set of vertexes are occupying the same spot. It's driving me mental. Luckily I haven't got very far into production of this map. Or I'd be really irate.

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Doom Builder has such a tool? Holy shit, thank you thank you thank you!

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What you probably want is MERGE vertices? And then after that perhaps merge linedefs? Can't tell without seeing it. DeePsea does both of those (-0- length stuff is automatic). At the least you can run the error checker (press F10) and see what it says about your level.

The -0- line length checks for 2 vertices for a linedef occupying the same spot - IOW a zero length line. If that was true though just deleting the vertices would do the trick.

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Infinite Ammunition said:

if you drag one of the vertices off of the spot it's on then back in the same action i imagine the stitching would fix it

Thats what I always do

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