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Anima Zero

Selfish5: UV-Max and UV-Speed

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Since I wanted to kill some time until the Re-Release of Kama Sutra, I downloaded this wad from the most recent /newstuff. Liked what I saw, so I gave it some recording sessions and came up with 2 demos here, a UV-Max in 7:26 and a UV-Speed in 2:29.

The UV-Speed...well, I got extremely lucky after taking the RSK. How lucky? Well...suffice to say I was extremely surprised to live and exit after that.

Sending the demos to Ops now.

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Opulent said:

thanks for the demos. Demos for good maps are always very appreciated!

You're welcome :). Got another one for this map I'm sending your way...an improved UV-Max. Time for it is 6:08.

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I loved watching these. Some really intense moments in there.

Beautiful map and a couple of great runs. Thanks.

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Just watched these demos, good stuff. Zero, have you considered doing stuff for COMPET-N?

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