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Changing an enemy shooting sound

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So, im n00b, and cannot solve this problem.

How to change the sound of enemy weapon?(example:change the ss nazi shooting sound from shotgun sound into pistol sound.)

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Well there are multiple steps. First you must download something like XWE. You can find it at the doom world utility section.

Next you need will need to install it and load the map you wish to edit this sound in. Once you have everything loaded, search for the sound you want to edit. click on it. At the top of the screen there should be a "Entry" button. Click on it and scroll down to replace. Find the sound you want to replace the wav with. Make sure its not to big.

Were my directions to confusing? If you need anything cleared up just ask.

O and by the way, are you going to get me those female nazi pictures? i still need them.

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Actually, if you are wanting to replace a zombie's shooting sound, you will either need to change the pistol and/or shotgun sounds. The better way around this would be to use a dehacked patch that tells the zombies to use another sound.

Download WhackEd2 and have a looksie.

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Oh, ss-bowen, i send them tomorrow, as i cant find the 2 shooting graphics.

EDIT: earthquake, you said to use an dehacked patch, i would, but dont know thw code.

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