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Dutch Doomer

Some stuff i made with XWE

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Last night i was a littlebit bored,and fired up XWE and started recouloring some sprites.
And this black mancubus complete with big blue fireballs turned out pretty nice.
So i thought lets show them here,and see if you like this or not.
It took me about 5 hours to create them,and to me they look good enough to use them in my wad.
Well have a look,and i would like your opinion good or bad.

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Xenophon said:

Reminds me a lot of the ST Hectebus (and why wouldn't it?)

Youre right it does i did't knew there was a monster similair as mine out there,but mine is nothing more than recoulored sprite.
And i don't know much of decorate and such things,im still learning i guess.

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