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The doom2 music names

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Here is a list for persons who want to add music to their wads, the list contains the name of the music entries:

D_Runnin 	map01
D_stalks 	map02
D_Countd 	map03
D_betwee 	map04
D_doom 		map05
D_the_da 	map06
D_shawn 	map07
D_DDtblu 	map08
D_in_cit 	map09
D_dead 		map10
D_STLKS2 	map11
D_Theda2 	map12
D_doom2 	map13
D_ddtbl2 	map14
d_runni2 	map15
D_Dead2 	map16
D_STLKS3 	map17
D_romero 	map18
D_shawn2 	map19
D_Messag 	map20
D_Count2 	map21
D_DDtbl3 	map22
D_ampie 	map23
D_THEDA3 	map24
D_Adrian 	map25
D_Messg2 	map26
D_Romer2 	map27
D_tense 	map28
D_SHAWN3 	map29
D_OPENIN 	map30
D_EVIL 	 	map31
D_ULTIMA 	map32


D_READ_M 	The music that plays while you are reading the story messages that comes 

between some maps, for example before map07. 

D_DM2TTL The intro music
D_DM2INT In the intermap, between the maps

Hope someone will have use for this...

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It's quite easy to look up these names in any editor (like Wintex or XWE), so yeah...

zarkyb said:

Uh, what use is this?

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ohh, it was for peopole, new to dooming, so they could change music in for example zdoom with the setmusic command...

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Found one! Here's a guy who would have found this useful.

I'll close this thread, since I can't imagine there is much useful discussion awaiting this topic.

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