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Mancubus II

Foreverhood Updates

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Ol' Skinny's updated with new info about his project Foreverhood. While mapping seems to be put on hold for the time being, that doesn't mean things are stopping. Scripting and gameplay construction are in the works now, and everything appears to be on track for a May 7th demo release.

Included in the email is a rally for help:

As of two weeks ago, foreverhood has entered the beta test realm and gameplay is starting to be constructed. Providing a few source code savvy people can assist me in determing a proper course of thing_hate's logic, the gameplay style should be just about as unconventional as the rest of the mod. But more on that later.

Foreverhood also now has its own ACS built dialog system, which can be activated by merely looking at a character while in close enough proximity to them. Its cool stuff. Man i wish i had some help. Speaking of help, does anyone want to assist me in cleaning up the foreverhood font? There a beta test version in it for anyone who can add a border and some contrast to all, 37 or so characters that relace the doom font.

Go check out his website for more details, and if you're interested in helping him out, you can email him.

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FP This just keeps getting better! I have something to look foward to in may!

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Badass. Foreverhood rocks. Skadoomer rocks. Go go! I'm sooo looking forward to this and always have.

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There's a poll at ZDoom.org asking if he should release today or wait until June to do some bug-fixing. June won by landslide.

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