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GUI>Door Tutorial!

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I'm giving a tut on doors conected by a GUI. You need to know how to have doors for this tutorial. Ifnot, read the doors tut on the page. Ok. First, go to your door/entitys menu. Click "lock" and put a 1 for value. It should look like this pic:

Now, go to the models(right click on grid all the way at the top. To models/com/platguistand/(one of the two)and put it next to your door(left or right, but make sure it's on the ground)

Ok. Now, since you have your GUI, it needs a screen. Go to the entitys window and click GUI at the bottom right.
Click base/gui/uac_oneclick.gui(Or sumthing else)Now, if you hit render, it shouold look like this.

Ok. Now the easy part. Selecting your GUI fist, then your door, hit CTRL+K.
If done correctly, a blue line should apper pointing to the door from the GUI like this:

Now, if done correctly, when playing your map, the door wont open when you walk into it, only when the GUI is pressed. Good Luck!(In-game Screen):

Feel free to compliment(Good or bad) or anything that you need help with!

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