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heres a picture of me for instance:

go, post away. im interested how you nerds look like.

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edit: Apperently I was not cool nor goth enough nor was melifce able to sucessfully ejaculate over my previous picture. So, I used PSP's ARTFAG!!!1 filter.

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A pretty old pic, but my hair is all long and scraggly now, and I don't want to take a picture of THAT train wreck.

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Sigh of relief* Fredrik looks a hell of a lot less creepy than in the last one. *purrrrrrrrr* ... uhh, i mean... crap.

Job : Friendly neighborhood Mod"

LOL dn looks like the bassist from Green day!

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Just snapped this a second ago. Note that I left my razor in my apartment for spring break and make limited efforts regarding the direction of my hair.

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foo foo - stoner. Stoners always assume the same pose when being photographed, which is to nod their head, squint their eyes and go 'uhuh'.

fredrik - making progress into the territory of 'real human being'. A massive improvement over his last photo.

lord flathead - shaves his unibrow.

bbg - What the fuck is that thing on your head? Are you expecting to go to war, sit in a trench with only your ugly fizzog sticking out? P.S - You are fat and your fingers are so short and pudgy. I pray to God you have a sizable penis, or no woman will ever sleep with you twice.

destx - the matrix does not have you. Poor lighting, grayscaling your blotched and corpulent flesh and sunglasses does not do anything other than highlight the fact that you have something to hide, i.e; your disgusting face.

basset furry - no. Beards are a big no, unless you happened to be photographed and a passing rabid badger leaped up and started savaging your throat. And beards combined with dued hair? Are you in a one-man war against fucking fashion? Total fail.

dj urukhai - that hair went out of fashion in 1945. You look like hitler, which is ironic because I think Hitler would have taken one look at you, declared your genepool null and void and gassed you like the filthy fucking mutant that you are.

udderdude - no comment, looking at your photo made me loose my erection and my will to live. I bet you are an exciting man of action, standing on bridges in the vain hope that one day you will be hit by a fucking bus and end your pathetic and miserable life.

melfice - wear that mask always. In fact, I would have it surgically stapled to your forehead to prevent any risk of your mutilated visage from ever scaring young children again.

dn - gay.

job - you spend much time at the beach, limbering up, playing vollyball, lifting weights with your grotesque chin? Also, false teeth. I think your originals got knocked out playing 'stab the cock with massive force into Job's mouth'.

infintie whatever - the camera is over here, fuckface.

mancubus - You missed a bit when shaving, bud.

deathbringer - we know that you had a tough time at school, but hiding beneath your hair makes you look like a cowering sissy. Your hair will not deflect insults or make your mommy come back. Stand up straight and get your ass kicked like a man, you pussyified jelly of pus and bumfluff.

dan: Post-mortum photo.

sargebaldy - photoshopping trees and cloud behind your face will not convince us that you have ever, EVER been outside.

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