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Alien darkness released

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This is gonna be interesting. Hope I won't have to play in 320x200 like in Egypt ;)

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I couldn't get Hell on Egypt to work. Every time I ran the .bat I got "access denied".

Edit: I just tried Alien Darkness and got the same result. How the hell am I supposed to play these damn levels?

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Configuration Doomsday.

play it with kikstart.

Kickstart 2.09

Model Replacement.
Weapon Replacement.
Use external textures with all PWads.
Add command line –td2 c:\doomsday\data\jdoom\Textures1.
In the batchfile are all extensions for doomsday.
Doomsday version 1.8.6
Resolution 1024x768 ( what you like ).
Model directory in c:\doomsday (name directory models)
Wad directory in c:\doomsday ( name directory Wads)
Textures directory c:\doomsday\data\jdoom ( name directory Textures1).
Ded file’s are in wad .
Lores textures are in wad.
Increase memory size –maxzone to 64m.

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