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wackyhq Botpack 1 For Skulltag Complete

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Created this in a few hours :P Enjoy. BTW, the roaming strings (for all but "wacky" being the first) won't work until Skulltag 96c so be patient.

	New to Skulltag, Player will try to rise up in the community by
 	sp34k1ng 1n 1337 and asking stupid questions. His atrocious 
	grammar, and bad personality make beating him almost as bad as
 	losing to him.

	If there was ever more of an opposite pair, it would be Player
 	and DrFragonphliktar. The only thing the two have in common, in
 	fact, is their persisting annoyance to all players. It is hard to
 	decide which is worse, the Doctor's "superior intellect" or the 
	fact that it doesn't exist.

	A female Crash clone, s3xygrlll is a bit more immature. Still in
 	her flirting phase, she is a lot like Crash, yet Crash hasn't
 	seem to grown out of her's yet. It should be fun to see who gets
 	Orion first.

	A depressed poet, death-miasma will never forget to remind you of
 	his woes. His rainy soul is almost as dark as the clothes he
 	wears. But watch where you point that gun because those clothes
 	cost $120 at Hot Topic.

	NumaNuman's background is a mystery, much like his speech. However,
	it is rumored he is speaking Romanian, possibly singing a song.*
	*Dragostea Din Tei - Haiducii

Real people botified!
	The creator, as a bot. insertwackybothere :P
	Dron, frequenter of Doomworld and various IRC
	channels, has also been made a bot.

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