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finally got map08 done (ish)

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check the teaser screen shots at my web site (see sig). had serious mapper's block with this but now i've got the basic theme and gemplay style i should be able to progress through the next few without the same degree of hassle! wad size is approaching 2 meg now due to custom sprites and textures and i havent made the texture set for map07 through map11 yet so it's just grey stone and sludge at the moment with no detail.

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bizzarley after spending 50 years on map08 map09 followed suit in just one evening! though a quick run through suggests i can do uv speed on it (using the intentional speed trick) in less than 30 seconds. hmmm. the maps in the wad so far have been quite small and i want to make them a bit more involved but without resorting to sticking a key at one end of the map and it's door at the other and 1000 miles of rooms and corridors between... hmmm... trying to keep this episode quite open and non-linear i.e. if there are two keys to fetch you could do them in either order. so i might add a key... heh

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map09 has come along very nicely now but i've decided to swap it with map08, which will make no difference when demo running or playing from pistol starts but in terms of the wad i felt it progressed the monsters and weapons better the new way around. still in need of detailing but i'll get that done once i have this episode fully in place, that way the texture and theme usage will be consistant. also one of the two new melee weapons is in place properly no and it does a good job i reckon, the other (replacing chainsaw) will be much more usefull in a beserk-fist type way though i'm hoping it wont turn out to be *too* powerful!

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