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Mod for skulltag. SP and DM and whatever else ST supports.

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I'm pimping the shit out of this for one reason only. I'm bored, and I have a headache. I guess that's two.

I'm working on a small prequel for Nimrod : Ixnay on the Hombre.
Where Nimrod was released for Legacy, this is for Skulltag and it is the events of training for the upcoming war against the demons.

I've mainly taken parts of the SP maps and made into DM maps, but in some cases I've made some improvements in look.








I'm planning to have 10 maps that have bot support and play as a SP episode, then 2 maps more that is more suited towards bigger matches and just real players (bots's really have problems with understanding them)

It will also feature almost all resources from Nimrod. So all monsters are present.
It also works well with regular DM maps and skulltag's maps.

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Uh, Kristus is Ebola ;)

Anyway, the screens looks excellent. Glad to see you decided to return to the Doom mapping scene :)??.

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Thanks. I'm considering to do some more in dept touchup work, like learning slopes and make the rockets in the rocket silo, actually look like rockets. But, we'll see.

As it is now, it's mainly cutouts of the original maps that I've made work with Skulltag.

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