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How to add a image to a wad wich uses a different palette than that in the IWAD

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Well, title says it all. How do you add a graphics to a wad that uses a different palette than that of Doom2 iwad?

I want to be able to add an image to the wad w/o XWE doing anything but removing the palette from it. Not touching the "pixel index" at all. Just remove the palette and add the image to the wad.

Also, I added a highres image to a wad with XWE, but it failed when I used BMP format, so I tried with PNG, and it worked. But even though the PNG used the same palette as the IWAD it still decided to do a color coordinationg jobbie on it and the result was that alot of the colors was washed out and replaced with other. (giving the image less colors than it actually could have)

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Was the bmp in 8bit mode? Also, XWE has some color changing functions just in case the palette messes up a texture.

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If I remember correctly, XWE uses the WAD's palette if it's present, not the Doom2 palette (or whatever you've specified as your main WAD). You shouldn't need to do anything special, just have a local palette and load your image. (Which version did you use? Maybe this got broken in the beta?)

XWE doesn't really have a function to "just load the bitmap data without touching the pixel index", but as long as your picture is an 8 bit one and it uses the same palette as the local one, the imported picture should have the same pixel index as the original. Is there a special reason for this though? I mean are you using a special trick or something that requires the palette indexes to remain intact? In fact it would be pretty easy to have a function which pulls in the pixels as is without mapping them to the palette, but in 99% of the time this would product unwanted/unexpected results.

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