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midi keyboard problem(s)

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I'm pretty pissed off right now because today I bought a cord to plug my old psr-48 yamaha keyboard to my computer and I've been trying to get it to work for a few hours now with no result.

How can I use my keyboard on the computer ? Correct me if I'm wrong (and please do) but if I want to play the keyboard and the sound to come out through the computer I have to plug the cord on the OUT of my keyboard. This cord then goes to the joystick plug on my sound card. I then go to the control panel to set the Midi music playback to "SB Audigy 2 MIDI IO". I checked the volume control and nothing is muted. If I test the keyboard on the SoundFont Bank Manager keyboard nothing is happening.

What can I do to make it work ?

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I don't believe it will just work without some sort of program interface passing the MIDI In messages comming from your keyboard and through the cord on to the internal synth stuff in the soundcard. Basically, you're sending keypresses and they're not going anywhere.

What you'll need is some sort of MIDI software that can accept MIDI input messages from a selectable source. Most sequencing programs like CakeWalk should do this.

But you are correct in connecting it to the MIDI OUT port on the keyboard.

If I use Reason, I can use my keyboard to play any of the sounds within Reason that I make. I simply have my keyboard going through MIDI, and have Reason listening to my MIDI In port on the correct device (I have a box which connects multiple MIDI devices, so it'd be different from yours).

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You might also want to double check that cable. I'm assuming you've got a cable with both IN and OUT connections on it, but I've got a MIDI cable where the In/Out labels are the wrong way round (i.e., In on the cable goes to In on the keyboard instead of Out).
If your keyboard has onboard sounds, then it might also be an idea to check if it's receiving a MIDI signal, just to make sure the cable is working.
If you've set up your soundcard to send data to an external source rather than the internal synth (I assume your "SB Audigy 2 MIDI IO" setting does this) then any MIDI file should play through the keyboard.

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I tested this morning if the cables were ok by plugin the computer Out to the keyboard In and it played d_bunny on my keyboard so I know the cable are fine.

I downloaded a trial of cakewalk and it just keeps freezing my computer. I then installed Reason but I don't understand anything.

I'd like a program that can work in the background and can convert the signal to computer signal. The reason I'm doing all this is that I downloaded Doremi mania (keyboard mania-like) but the program doesn't respond to my keyboard signal.

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