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I know they're based of each other, so, a coupla questions about 'em...

1. Is one easier than the other to program/use? If so, which?(Yea, I'm a lazy git =])

And 2. Which has more features?

If I don't use either of these, it'll be Boom or vanilla DooM.

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This is how it goes..

Boom -> MBF -> SMMU -> Eternity

Well. Eternity being the one with defenitely more features here. also the only one of them that's still being updated.. Neither of them are any harder than the othert to edit for.. Jus that the newer features in Eternity and SMMU are harder to include than those in MBF (While SMMU and Eternity contain all the features of MBF still).

Well anyway.. I suggest you use Eternity if youre gonna use any of them...

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I'd either use Eternity or MBF. SMMU is fun and all, but it has some showstopper bugs that fraggle never fixed (even when I offered my assistence :P) -- all the ones I know about except for the netcode have been repaired in Eternity.

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