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ATi or nVidia

What do you think is the better card maker?  

56 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think is the better card maker?

    • nVidia
    • ATi
    • Some no named sh*t
    • I do not give a f*ck
    • 3Dfx lol

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ATI's cards can be 100 times better, as long as there are significant driver issues I won't bother. Just read some of the latest stuff in the ZDoomGL forum to see what I am talking about.

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kc32 said:

Right now i'm using a 16MB Nvidia Riva TNT. It sucks.

That's your reason why NVidia sucks? Dude, that's a six-year-old graphics card.

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pilottobombadier said:

Actually, Doom 3 was probably built to run on SLI'd 512's, considering it was built on 380+ megs of texture memory, which means that the card had to have roughly 760 megs of RAM (iirc, 1/2 of a video card's memory is dedicated to textures).

I've heard that "all you need" is 500MB on a video card in order to make a game look realistic and like it's in living color.

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Zodiak said:

Doom 3 was meant to be played on ultra with a 512MB card. Yea, some 32-bit action.

WTF has video memory got to do with "32 bit action"? Do you even know what the term 32-bit means?

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nightice said:

I played Doom 3 on my friend's Radeon 7000 (or 7500, dunno which it is) and the textures looked like SHIT.

Are you dumb? of course they did. A Radeon 7000 or 7500(which is what I have) is below the system requirements for doom3, not to mention a very outdated video card.

In benchmarks ATI always seems to pull ahead of nVidia, but then again ATI's best card is really damn expensive. Obviously they're both really good, they have their own strengths.

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It's not very good for a 6-year old card. And the drivers are buggy.

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where does this idea that catalyst is buggy come from? i mean, it isn't, thats all there is to it. i've updated at every new version, and i've never had a problem. the only time i've had a problem with my video card was when i tried out Omega, the stupid third party wuss drivers.

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There are a couple of known issues with the catalyst drivers. You can see them directly on ATI's site. Omega drivers are not "third party drivers". They are just modified catalyst drivers.

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