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Making a Grenade Launcher and few questions

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1.Hello, im would make a grenade launcher, but the grenade falls down in short time.How to extend it?

2.How do you tell the enemies to use different shooting sound?(example: zombies using a cool chaingun sound)and no, i dont want CHANGE permanently any sounds. just to tell them to use different.

Thx in advans.

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for 1: Reduce the mass of the grenade.

for 2: this can easily be done with ZDoom's DECORATE and SNDINFO or Edge's DDF, if you're not using either of those then I don't know how, sorry.

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What editor are you using and for what port?

If been experimentinhg with Whacked2 lately to edit stuff to work for the original Doom2.exe.

Using Whacked2 you can change how far the grenade is launched by changing the speed of the projectile (for example "Rocket in flight").

You can also easily redirect sounds under the "Things" menu.

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If you're making the add-on especially for ZDoom, you'd probably better do as Xenophon adviced...

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