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Writing Contest No.1 Voting!!

Your favourite "entering hell" fic, dudes  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Your favourite "entering hell" fic, dudes

    • MmM
    • lerner
    • darknation

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Sorry about that, though Monday doesn't seem a bad day to start, but whatever.

So here we go

Writing contest theme: Entering Hell


You get the idea by now. Read. Vote. Or die painfully.

ps: was going to say something about starting a new thread for a compo entry then remembered me saying something about posting a link or whatever due to space, so it's all good. Always be sure to name the thread "writing contest entry" though :P

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Nuts, I thought I still had time :(
School's been kicking my ass for the whole week...maybe next time.

MmM's for me because I like the transformation of the base to Hell.

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you know, if you are going to keep the art / writing project competition thing going, couldn't you make up a cheapass webpage on doomworld and host the entries there?

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I think me and Silverwyvern discussed that at one point once upon a time. Didn't go any further than that i don't think. Besides, the men in charge has been stone deaf to all my hosting requests (and mancubusnet isn't interested in doom related sites either).

Anywho, darknation's the winner of the writing contest no less. Well done.

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