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Pipes and Bannisters

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I saw id's Paul Jaquays at the UTD CGC this past weekend. Unfortunately, he said he wouldn't be saying or showing anything about Doom 3;he was just going to give a little tutorial on Q3RAD. One thing he did say, when someone asked him how to make cylindrical brushes, was that they were using the cylinder tool a lot to make pipes and handrails for Doom 3. Just a little tidbit; not much else to say. Other than the fact that Paul's special extra-stable build of Q3RAD crashed just as he was going to compile he demo map. It then crashed the autosaved map file. Paul was pissed. :) ~ Jack

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Hahahahahah, that's weird. :)

Anyway, thanks for the info. You know progress is here when you :

A) Start making handrails.
B) Use cylinders instead of prisms.

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