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The Green Marine

Zombie Mods

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Is there a zombie mod out there somewhere where the zombieman/ shotgunner/ chaingunner are replaced with zombies in the traditional sense? (i.e. bloody looking, no guns, can only attack up close )

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Thanks Snarboo. I actually searched there first and stumbled across the same wad. Although it didn't produce zombies like I'd had in mind (where they must walk up to you to attack), it did have some great monster replacements. The demon was the best one IMO. It was replaced by a crazy zombie running around with a chainsaw. Download the wad to see it if you already haven't.

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There are a few..

Zombie TC: This is really old, you can run it with Legacy/zdoom ect, the 'Rockers' with guns and the 'Zombies' without are pretty interchangable in this, you probably wont even notice the difference between the enemies with guns and those without, also the weapon graphics are pretty poor (the 'heavy machine gun' that replaces the Plasma gun looks like a garden vac, also it shoots invisible plasma rather than actual bullets, well this was 1996). Its based on "Dawn of the dead" and "Day of the dead", though the locations in the wad are barely even recognisable as the locations in the films, except some of the back hallways in the shopping mall levels, which look just like spartan 70's hallways did, why do modern hallways have so much crap in them?

Zombie TC Re-make: This is for EDGE, by the Immoral Conduct guy, its basically a weapons and gameplay mod that runs with the original zombie TC, the weapons are WAY better, they are imported from Half Life mainly, and work just like they do in that game..plus the sprites have been converted well and dont look TOO jarring and dithered (GL mode makes them look better as well). The zombies are the same, but now the rockers with guns will fight zombies as well as you, and the ones with rifles are VERY dangerous, it almost becomes a survival horror game, as you're constantly on the lookout for these guys, you have to take them out before they see you or you're dead!. That said, the flamethrower and incendiary rockets are great fun, and seeting fire to big groups of zombies is a laugh.

Brains! 1: A Zdoom wad with really crappy level design, but some nice weapons, you go to a big square 'mansion' that is infested with Zombies, who act like proper zombies (they come from Wolfenstien), there are also tough blue imps that can kick your ass, and possesed doom marines with shotguns, its fun but way too short

Brains! 2: An improvement on the first, better level design, and a freakish location, lots of slime and 'crawling' tentacles on the walls. more of the same enemies and still depressingly short, but very fun

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