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New Doom Web Site (plus artwork)

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I welcome all Doomers to visit my doom site (alando1.com), download any or all of my wads, and send any comments to me (ajd4070@hotmail.com). This site will be updated regularly as I have many more wads to post. Thank you. ALANDO 1.

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alando1´s Webside said:

This is my 62nd Doom wad...

Is this a typo?
If not, where are the other 45 wads?

I din´t check any of them out till now, maybe later!

Some of the drawings are not bad... with a bit more practise you could do really nice things.

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I've noticed that most of you are looking at my art work. I am glad that you all like the Cobra woman picture. Play the wads and enjoy them. I guarantee you'll like the levels. - posted by me, Alando1

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*scratches head*
Erm, yes...

This is the silliest homepage, that isnt a mockup, i have ever seen.
Dude, learn to sort things out that nobody cares of.
Leave your pics on VCL, for a start.
Then make a better directory with better descriptions for your maps.
Then come back.
Your page looks like it has been trown together in 30 minutes.

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I'm sorry for the inconvenience for my website but I wish I had more time to work on it. School is delaying me and it's been very hard to keep the site interactive and neat. Please forgive me.
P.S.: When school is over, the site will be a bit more neater and I'll make it a lot better than you see it now.


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