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Cold as Hell problems

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For some reason whenever I try to reload my weapon, it will go down and make the reload sounds as usual, but the weapon doesn't come back up. So... is there any way to fix this?

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It's a bug with the WAD, and since the scripts in the WAD do not have their source available, it's unfixable unless the original author finds a way to fix it. Sorry.

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Well, this WAD has to be the one of the worst examples of how you can destroy a great project by bad scripting that only gets in the way without improving anything.
I found this thing completely unplayable due to the awful reloading system that didn't work half the time (Of course I had to remove most of the trees from the levels before I could even think about playing it.)
As for a solution, there probably isn't one. The script source wasn't released along with this WAD so there's probably only one person in the entire world who knows how it works.

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