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Mancubus II

Last Patch Breaking

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Calimer from the Doom3 LMS Mod Team sent us an email with an explanation as to why some people might be experiencing problems with their beta3 and the latest 1.2 patch:

We have been getting a lot of attention from LMS Coop fans who are upset that they can't play LMS with the 1.2 patch installed. Unfortunately, for Beta 0.3 the 1.1 patch is required and there is not much we can do about that since a 1.2 SDK is not out. However, I don't think it will be long until there is an SDK out and if that makes it out before 0.4 release is ready then we'll get a version 0.35 out the door ASAP so that you ROE fans can play LMS Coop as well. As a note the 0.4 release is going to be almost completely about map polishing and improvement. We really want to make sure that you the players have the most fun and thrilling experience that we can create.

They've also updated parts of their site and have some other stuff going on. If you're an LMS fan, it sounds like it might be worth the trip.

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Again, what can you say? LMS is the one(?) Doom 3 mod that just does everything right: allows for co/op! Even the x-box version supports co/op, and that feature is being praised on every gaming site and in every gaming magazine as we speak...

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