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question --light efx using DB

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Hey, last time i asked a question on this site i got sent to purgatory. thanx. No blame though becuase it was a stupid post.


I'm wondering how do you make light efx with DB? Someone said use "H Sector Color" and another person told me to use the scripts. I really don't know anything about scripts so instead I choose the other way.

This is what I did:
Made a dummy sector, labeled one of it's linedef's action 212(H Sector Color), made the blue argument 255, and then tagged it to the sector i wanted the blue light efx to go to. Both the dummy sector and the real sector are tagged the same.

...what am i doing wrong here?

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Firstly, you were sent to purgatory for admitting to downloading a warez copy of the game, not for asking some question :P Secondly, using a H Sector Colour line in a dummy sector won't work since it is activated by whatever means you choose below the action in the window... scripts are the best way to go here.

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First of all, your map has to be in Hexen Format (either ZDoom Doom in Hexen Format or Skull Tag Doom in Hexen Format). Then, in the Scripts menu, you click "Edit BEHAVIOUR lump..." and it comes up with the script editor. If you dont have a script yet, just click that button in the middle to created it. Then start typing.

You can use CTRL+SPACE to pop up the AutoComplete list (has all functions and constants in there) which really helps scripting very fast bu also helps looking for new things. If you want to know how a function works, just put your cursor in it and press F1, it will show you the ZDoom Wiki explaining how the function works.

Dont forget, you need to click Compile to apply your script changes. When you click Compile it will also show you any errors in your script, if any.

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