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Crimson Canyon demos

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I did r demo for this wad:


I saw it, looked for the first level that looked fun (map03) and decided to max it. This isn't a speed demo, just a for fun demo. I only got 98% kills because some monsters (I noticed) don't come out of the teleporter encampents. Fine, whatever, fuck them. Since this isn't a competition demo I didn't care, let's all assume that if they had come out, dealing with them in a timely manner wouldn't have been a problem.

Anyway. I'm posting it here because you prople seem to like demos.

(Recorded with PrBoom 2.2.6, compat level 1)

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Thanks for these! I'll check them out later. BTW, what do you mean by "r demo"? Reality demo? You say this latest one is max style, so is it a reality max?

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