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Writing Contest Official Thread

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Allo my pretties. This is the official writing contest thread no less. I'll display the general rules plus a few Q&A to go with them to help get you into the swing of things.

The rules and basis are faily similar to that of the art contests, mostly common sense really. The 3 big ones
. You can show more than one entry but only one can be entered.
. Nothing you dug out your drawer. New works only
. No stealing other peeps work unless you're asking for deep trouble.

What is the topic for the art contests?
Varies every contest. The topic and theme is decided by the winner of the previous writing contest.

We generally decide the wordlength, setting it up appropriately. It again varies from contest to contest. If it's a short story it generally between 100 to 3000 odd words, which isn't exactly concrete as it is limiting you from going way over the top.

The amount of time you have to spend on your entry again varies. I was thinking for fanfic lengths like the one above should be given a bit longer than 2 weeks if it's pretty taxing stuff for the forumers. Trial and error go figure.

Who decides the winner?

Doomworlders in the everything else forum (via 3-day voting thread)

Do you want the entries to be posted directly into this thread or linked to (due to the length)?
I guess it would be preferable if you could post a link to the entry, especially if the fic is quite long. If it isn't possible then just post it here. Shouldn't be too taxing for viewers to just scroll down. Heh

Btw if you're going to post it in a new thread (not the wrong thread mind) always be sure to call it writing contest entry (plus title)

How about reworked old stories (i.e. edited for sucky content)?
Short answer: No
Long answer: We're talking major makeover of the original work here, necessary for the entry to be allowed in. The only thing similar to the original would be the basic plot; description, wording etc would be difference. And of course it'll still have to relate to the contest theme.

What's the policy on profanity for this?
Pretty much the same for any thread, picture etc that you post on these forums. You should be alright. Maybe post a warning for viewers before proceeding. Fuckidy fuck fuck.

That's roughly about it. Any questions gimme a pm or email about it and i'll come back to you asap.

Finally as Silverwyvern would say, these are for fun and amusement and not life and death. No flaming or whining and just enjoy yourself. :)


ps: Kudos to the buggers who asked the above questions.

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Writing contest #1: Entering Hell
Winnah!: darknation

Interesting turnout for the first contest i guess. I'll extend the time giving next time. Say 3 weeks tops?

Winning entry: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31322
Contest thread: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31159
Contest Voting:


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Last writing contest hit the shitter in terms of lack of entries. Not much i could do i guess.

So writing is dormant until it gets demanded again or whatever. Bleh.

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