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Just a bunch of doom skins

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After trying to find out the problems with my Doom skins, they apparently seem to be in working order... According to my beta tester, everything seemed to be in working order in Zdoom (minus the new radio sounds I added for some of them). So after that, I've decided to release my Doom skins. Go to the download page to find my skins.

I made the following skins:

The LSMC Lizard Marine
Barney Calhoun as a Lizard
LSUTU Lizards(generic SWAT guys) It comes with 3 skins
Cyborg Lizard (comes with 2 guys)
The Lizard's Legacy Skin Pack (Just a compilation of those skins put into one)

Check 'em out. They work perfectly well in Zdoom and Skulltag. They don't seem to work in Doom Legacy though.

Well, that's the last stuff I'm contributing to the Doom Community...

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