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New Console Doom Wad.

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I have made a new wad using the Console Doom textures. This wad is the largest yet, I am aiming for towering architecture that will make the player feel insignificant. I am inviting community feedback to finish this map just like I did with Nexus of Evil, as I am building a Doom 2 episode with the Console Doom textures. "8 maps".


Get the ConsoleDoom WAD here:


Linked here: 'EUC_JP'


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Pretty cool map so far Bejitas, damn near impossible, but cool anyway. Here's some of the tips that I could come up with...

Area where you grab the Yellow Key - Get rid of the 4 Viles that teleport there and replace them with Hell Knights, at this stage in the map there is almost no way to deal with them. I think they're in a really horrid area. I'd add like two more boxes of shells as well.

Behind Yellow Key Door (with the cybies) - Hmmm, what can I say about this area. No ammo, by this time next to zero health and on top of that 2 Cyberdemons.... This whole area needs a bit of work in my eyes. The player gets swamped with revs shortly after taking the elevator down to the plasma gun, and that again leads to a fight that can't be beaten without good old IDKFA... Please give me 150 rockets for the Revenants, and another 600 cells so I can use the Plasma gun on the two cybies. Ah yes, Health would be good as well.

Outdoor area with Cybies/Barons - Now this area is cool, I really like it. BUT once again, you run into the problem with having 500 out of the 600 barons still being alive after they kill the 4 or 5 cyberdemons in the mix. There are 4 (I believe) pillars that surround this area, I'd line two of them the entire way around with rockets, and the other two (all the way around again) with cells. Now you'd be able to clean up the mess that the Cyberdemons couldn't do...

I know that you wanted to keep the infights going, but in all honesty Bejitas, an map like this is going to suck without the necessary equipment. I think it'd be MUCH, MUCH funner if the player actually had the means of dealing with the Hordes that await them.

Cool looking map, but at this point, not one I'd really go out and play for fun.

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Thanks for your tips I will act on them right away. I was just in a hurry to layout the framework of the map so that I could get some feedback and improve it.

I will put all of your suggestions exacly and it will be greatly improved.

I have submitted Nexus and UAC Hangar to /idgames/ so here's hoping they are in /newstuff very soon.

But UAC hanger and This map and another will be together in a episode I am building, so keep and eye out for that soon.

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You're welcome Bejitas, it's going to be a great map. Once the ammo and such is all added up, it's surely got the making's for one of my favorite styles.

Also, looking forward to the other maps/mapsets that you've got in the fixings.

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