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RoE cvar fun

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dunno if anyone else has been fooling around with the command variables in Resurrection of Evil, but i came across this one:



Matrix-style fun without the weird "oval-vision" effect and without the time limit.

only thing is, i've found that if you bind it to a key using:

bind r "toggle g_enableslowmo"

if you enable SlowMo mode, it will sometimes disable itself.....i dunno why!?

Anyways, i thought it was a pretty cool cvar, and couldn't find any reference to it online anywhere so i thought i'd submit it here! :D

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Xenophon said:

Because pressing R again will disable it?

no, i'm not pressing r again

it's weird....it seems to do it when i press a different key just after i've pressed the "slowmo" key

i dunno, i guess it could be my ZBoard software messing up!

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Try this:

bind r "toggle g_enableSlowmo"

Then you can toggle it with the press of a key. :)

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