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Doom 3 Miscellaneous News

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Crusader from LinuxGames noticed that Timothee Besset has updated his .plan about the upcoming 1.3 patch for Doom 3, which will include support for the Resurrection of Evil expansion under Linux.

Also, regarding the next Doom 3 patch ( version 1.3 ):
- Resurection of Evil will be supported on Linux
- release 1.3 has EAX HD support, PunkBuster and bunch of other goodies
- we will release an updated SDK shortly after the patch release
- it's not done yet

Note that EAX HD will only actually be supported under Windows.

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I am hopeful that they will fix the numerous number of problems with DoomEdit. The fact that it crashes every 5 minutes or so really ticks me off.

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Thank God, they're updating the Linux port as well. It already runs a frame per second or two faster under Slackware than it does under Windows XP on my Pentium 4, and that's without hand-tuned SSE2 optimizations. I'd like to see how things turn out in the long term.

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MasterOfPuppets said:

i hate punkbuster, it totally ruined quake 3. dosn't matter if you disable it or not, it always fucks with you.

You mean like kicking you from games for no apparent reason?

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