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Inquisitor A

Vavoom help

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For the longest i have used Zdaemon but then i took a look at Vavoom,and the 3d models in particular...
I downloaded the 3d models...but i cant find anything that tells me how to put the 3d models into the game.
Help me please!?!

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If you haven't already, go to this page and download whichever packs you want (probably the Doom model pack).

Then unzip it into your Vavoom folder, choosing the option to use folder names (this is important, but should be the default option). They should then in subdirectories of \Vavoom\basev\doom\models\.

Vavoom should then automatically use the models, assuming you haven't changed anything in the config to stop it using them.

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Bashe said:

Whoa, wtf. I replied to this topic twice but the messages disappeared!

That's because your responses were not relevant to the question and were essentially port bashing/flaming. Do that again and it's another trip to Losers.

Inquisitor A: you're welcome.

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