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I have updated play.wad.

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I have updated play.wad with 3 maps together in one wadfile.

I have put in new Music from GBA Doom and made quite a good 3 level pack.

Check out the demo included as well! Prboom 2.2.6.


Get the ConsoleDoom WAD here:


I have made the hardest map `MAP29` much easier for a mere mortal & MAP30 is a good version of E1M8.

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Bejitas, now this is FUN! I for one think that the changes to map29 are definitely for the better! I've already played through it 3 times. I'd have to say that the funnest part of the level is the blue key battle (the BFG was a very, very NICE addition).

GREAT mapset in all aspects (in my opinion)! Keep them coming!

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