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If you cant read it...thank photobucket...those bastards.

Panel 1
Gray:You Know for the UAC to be so advanced they can't even give me a flashlight on my fucking gun.

Panel 2
Red:Yeah well after working on us for...god...idunno how long...you thing they'd give us a pair of legs.

Just a little doom humor...enjoy :)

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Sadly i realized that Just a minute ago.

Yeah...i couldnt think of anything else to put on there.I Think i got the idea after i played Chronicles of Riddick and i was able to look down and see his feet,but in Doom 3 you couldnt see it.

truthfully it was dissappointing lol.

Is it funny at least?

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Haloless0320 said:

Is it funny at least?

Not really, but keep practising. JRR Tolkien did'nt made LotR for monday schoolwork.(but i don't mean to insult you, you just need more idea)

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Yeah,actually im working on a fanfic right now.
Im almost done with one of them,another one i'm gonna base on the Jerizona Wad.

And then the script...i got mad when i read about that guy raping doom and making it resident evil 3 so i decided to write my own script.

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