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A Mad Dash

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"she looked at me with fearful eyes and said,'And then i saw the blood coming,Then i saw the blood coming'"~Dead to Fall;Eternal Gates of Hell

Sweat and Blood,Gallons of sweat and blood poured from his 5'7 body.

This Delivery Boy gone Commando was now used to the Constant warfare waged across this rock everyone used to call earth,Now its just a scorched Desert of Undead and Radiation.
He is used to seeing walking corpses wearing the skin of his close freinds;but he had no remorse when he gunned them down,or felled them with his firemans axe.Their blank eyes showed now sign of pain as they fell contorted to the ground...they couldnt feel so why should he?
The Exodus he was part of was from a Small town in the Southeastern part of the States.Him and thirty others traveled towards the Starport in hope of getting off the planet.It was the 12th day of their journey when they were ambushed by a pack of imps and an arch vile.The whole group was torn apart...before him laid the corpses of his freinds and family,and his fiance.Whom he tried his hardest to save from the grip of the imp that attacked her.

This wasnt warfare...it was Genocide.

Crouched behind the smoldering ruins of a Service station,the Imps stalked him...sniffing the air for his prescence.He knew he wouldnt survive by himself.He thought to himself,maybe he can make it to the National Gaurd Base and Rendevous with some soldiers;But that was almost 5 miles south of his current position.
taking a deep breath he checked his Ammo...8 Shells,not good.He then stoop up and dashed across the parking lot towards a Burnt up school bus,Dodging the Firey blasts from the demons.The Arch Vile wasnt in sight...this was bad.Soon after reaching cover one of the brown skinned screaming Abomination charged around the back of the bus,screeching something horrible it skittered towards the 20 yr old on all fours it Lunged for his throat for the Kill.
but this human wasnt stupid,he had studied their movement and tactics ever since he saw the first one in the Work parking lot.He sidestepped the Demons attack and blasted the demon in the back,Tearing through Flesh and Bone and shattering his spine.The Creature now lay dead and twitching.

3 weeks ago he delivered Pizza,Now he's delivering 12 gauge Death

It wasn't soon until the Second imp was upon him.He took his axe and swung it in a Way that you would think Paul Bunyon would Swing it.The Horrors leg seprerated from its body,Spraying Thick,Foul smelling Icor colored blood all over the ground,he then buried the Axe Deep inside the Demons head,ending its foul existance.

Conserving Ammo,Deaths delivery boy ran down the street,away from the rest of the imps.Towards the National Gaurd base.

With an earth shattering blast he was blown into the air,landing hard.He looked up to see his stalker,the Arch Vile.And some of the exodus that he had brought back from death,He did not have a problem blasting them to pieces til one corpse stepped forward.

His Fiance...

He remembered the plans they had made before and after the invasion,they were going to get to the starport together and get off the dead planet,but unfortunatly it looks like fate had different plans in mind.

Something spoke to him..."Come to me" it said.

It was her,he knew it was a trick.But he longed for it to be real though she stands before him,Torn and broken,Empty and devoid of feelings.Her once beautiful brown eyes were now a Cold Grey.He Soft skin was now adorned with gaping wounds and bite marks.

He now knows what hell is like.

He lowered his shotgun and wept,wishing that he would have done more to save her.But now all he can do is release her from the grip of the Demon that had Brought her back from life...defiling her rest.She shouldnt have to live through this hell.

With a Jolt the Shotgun kicked with a blast of mercy,she fell before him.Everything seemed like it was going in slow motion.Looking at her he saw a Glint of happiness in her eyes...he know he did the Best he could do.With the burning hatred of hell he Looked at the Arch vile who made various noises at him...apparently pissed and in pain.He began to Unload Shell after shell into the demon until he was out of ammo.His rage had got the best of him and left him with only his Axe.Still burning with anger he cut through the zombies with such force it covered him in their cold,coagulated blood.

Standing amongst the bodies of the undead he stood victorious and living.A Curse in disguise...

The Base was in sight now...he began to Run towards the base,Dodging the Imps that Lunged at him and chased him down...the Hisses and screams of the damned grew closer and closer as they gained on him.Within feet of the bases front gate he tripped and fell...soon the imps were on him,clawing at his crude Security armor,trying to reach his flesh.He beat them off of him with his axe and began to limp towards the doors of the base...opened the door quickly and fell inside,pushing tables and everything he could find against the door.

Sitting down against the wall he noticed that the whole base was completely quiet.He began to explore the base and found everyone dead.Soon he found himself in the firearms room...which was completely empty besides a couple of shells.
A crash came from behind him and all of a sudden he felt a hand touch his shoulder...the Corpses of the soldiers had become restless and began to assail him.He unloaded the shells he found in the room on the zombies...he then felt one bite down on his arm,taking a chunk of flesh with him...He knew then it was the end.Fighting the rest off with his axe he slumped down onto the floor...bleeding profusely from his bite mark.Sitting amongst the corpses of the soldiers...he unholstered one of their pistols and put it in his mouth.Funny...the barrel was a perfect fit.
He thought about what all he had been through and most of all his fiance whom he missed.

He pulled the trigger and darkness fell upon him in an instant.

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Ah..im glad you liked it.

I was gonna start on a Story for the Jerizona Wad.Make the Main character an Ex-Marine Chaplain or something.

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