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Locke Carnelia

The Last Bastion

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The Last Bastion: A Recording of the events of Doom, and Doom 2 using E-Mails, Ship Transmissions, and memories of survivors.

The Last Bastion
<< ENTER QUERY ( Input: Phobos Mission Assignments: Marines) >>

MP-25032 - KIA
MP-27943 - KIA
MP-30546 - Alive
MP-43295 - KIA

<<ENTER QUERY (Input: Open File MP-30546) >>


Name: Ronald Johnson
Age: 21
Rank: Private First Class
Skills: All Weaponry Used Currently Within the UACMC.

Psychologists Note: This man shows Paranoia, Schizophrenia, and often says he would shoot something first rather than ask it questions or bargain with it. Put him with the Marines.

Officer's Note, on Assignment no. 3: MP-30546 caused MUCH problems in the assignment! He disobeyed our orders completely and utterly!



[ Welcome to the UAC SpaceNet Mail Service. Please Login.
Input: Tragar210
[ What is your password?
Input: ********
[ Welcome Tragar210.
[What would you like to do?
Input: Send Message, PaleHorse543
Input: We have dispatched a team to the Phobos Moons a day after the first one, trying to figure out what happened. What we found was amazing. Inhuman creatures' bodies were strewn about the floor, and bullet-holes littered the walls. All Marines were dead, except for one: MP-30546. He alone escaped. I am not quite sure whether this is bad, or whether he will clear out the moon. In the meantime, Tragar Out.


Marine Log: MP-30546. Date: Unknown. Location: Phobos Laboratories

%&$! DON'T TELL ME THE *$&# THING SHORTED OUT AGAIN! AAAGH! Anyways, this is MP-30546 logging. I am within the Phobos Base, and I am shooting WHATEVER moves! They better NOT TOUCH ME! THEY WON'T TOUCH ME! *Gun shots are heard* Alright..... When I get back to Earth, I am taking my $&^# shotgun and RAMMING IT UP THAT ^$&# %^HOLE COMMANDER'S FACE AND BLOWING HIS %&^$ING BRAINS OUT! WAR IS HELL OUT HERE!

Marine Log: MP-30546 Date: AJBVH*%& Location: Deimos?%&^#

Theres a PORTAL ^%$%IT! I blast%&^ed it but &^9865487 GREAT! IS THIS THING87509437 SCREWING UP AGAIN?!?! I SWEAR*750982765982

<<Critical Systems Failure>>


A group of astronomers were looking out at Mars, observing it, when suddenly, in a poof, the moon of Mars that had been thought to have been long lost, Deimos, suddenly popped up, back in its regular Orbit.



"The moon just popped back in. Like that."

"What moon?"

"Deimos, you dummy."


<<Audio Log>>

UACMC Weapons Guide To The Young Recruit

Before any of you newbies run in there and get yourself killed, we are going over the weapons you WILL be using in the face of combat. SHUT UP MP-30546! Anyways, first, is the Pistol.

Pistol: 10 Shot Clip, Semi-Automatic.

This thing won't last a second. GET SOMETHING BETTER MAGGOT! *Distant Voice yells, "Can't we just skip to the things we will be USING?!"* SHUT UP MP-30546! NOW! Now, you will be shown the M-56 Assault Rifle! This weapon is your meat and butter.

M-56 Assault Rifle: 45 Shot Clip, Burst Fire, or Full Automatic

Alright, to spare all this damn commentary, which will take forever, you will LOOK at the weapons! Like them! Love them! They are your only friends!

M-170 Single Barrel Shotgun: 8 Shot Clip, Semi-Automatic

M-180 Double Barreled Shotgun "Super Shotgun": 2 Rounds in the gun, Must reload after every shot.

M-70 Chaingun: 100 Rounds in a Barrel, Full Automatic.

AA&P-58 Rocket Launcher: 3 Rockets in a Pack, Semi-Automatic.


PPR-5 Prototype Plasma Rifle: 60 Shots in a Battery, Full Automatic

BFG-9000 All Purpose Destruction Tool: Requires full Plasma Battery, As Quick as you can load em in.


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