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Any maps converted from X game to Doom that didn't suck?

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I have in the past years of playing Doom, came across many many different maps that beared some resemblance to a map from another game. I've seen a handfull of 2fort5's, one or two Q3CTF1's, several Goldeneye conversions, and on and on.

However, after completing my conversion of Open Fire to ZDaemon CTF (which turned out remarkably well), it got me to thinking that 90% of these map conversions have tried to be accurate but didn't account for Doom gameplay in the transition.

Thus begs the question, have you ever seen any map conversions done well?

And for the curious, one can access my Open Fire conversion through Kilgore's GETWAD, and if the repository that GETWAD searches from is the same as the GETWAD built into ZDaemon, the map name is "OPFIRE_CTF". It's not quite finished (some wrong textures in the blue base), but playtesting it was a blast. I'll post a direct link tomorrow when zdaemon.org comes back up.

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I like this one (though I'd recommend getting rid of the added sounds to play,) as well as Requiem's MAP31. There should be a few other decent conversions, I'm sure.

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AlexMax said:

Thus begs the question, have you ever seen any map conversions done well?

I made one, and I'm happy with it. Check Doom Mercenaries E1M9, which is based on Quake's Slipgate Complex. Inspired by Fanatic's QDoom I tried my own skills making a Quake TC. This converted map primarily used Quake textures exactly like the original one, but I decided to make it a secret map for my small episode.

Hope you enjoy anyway.

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Lobo said:

Golden Eye was cool, as was QDoom.

None of the Qdoom maps were convertions of actual Quake maps. They were all new designs.

BTW; there's been atleast 2 convertions of the boss map of the first episode of Quake1. (e1m6?)

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