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Doom Modding Tools

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Hi all,

Can someone please tell me which tools I should use to create a Doom MOD and where to download them?

This would be a great help,



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You'll need: DoomBuilder -leveleditor, and if you want to change graphics, sounds and lumps load XWE.

And if you do DeHacckin', load WhackEd2 or dehacked. all available from doomworld's utilities -page.

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Try Wintex and EDGE DDF (very simple doom language) at this addres (not wintex) edge.sourceforge.net . If you want level editors i use doombuilder, you can use windeu or deep, deepsea (WIN VERSION) but the best is doombuilder

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SuperV said:

but the best is doombuilder

Doombuilder is quite good,altough im not going to say its the best.
Because I might upset other mappers who use different editors ;)
Im using it also and it works fine for me,that 3d mode editing feature is very nice to work with.
Just try some editors and see what works best for you,im sure there is one that suits your needs:)

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Thanks for all of the advice, I have tried XWE, but I will try Edge aswell!! I have already download Doombuilder and will use that to create the maps!!

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