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Few Xbox Doom3 things.

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First of all I beat Doom3 on Veteran, without cheats, in 3 days. Now I'm going through it again to see all the stuff I missed. The one I'm looking for in large is the Martian Buddy containers, I got the codes I just can't find 'em. Could someone please give me the location? Secondly, is there a weapons cheat for the Xbox version?
I got the level skip and invincibility, but no weapons cheat.

And on a side note, while going into my local Gamestop I saw a poster for a Halo2 expansion pack for the Xbox. Its not going to be downloadable on XBL. The clerk told me that it would be an expansion disc, like on the PC. So I think that RoE, might follow suit and become an expansion not a new game. Oh, and any Halo fans out there, if you want Halo3 get an Xbox2 (HINT HINT).

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