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Music Challenge

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I started what I'm calling a "musical challenge" about a week ago on my homepage (http://fanaticalproductions.net), where musicians can create a drum track from scratch resembling a completed song, then they upload it to my website, and I write all the music (guitars, vocals, bass, etc.) to go along with it.

Once I get at least 8 tracks done (or when the submissions stop coming in after 8), I'll release the entire set of songs, both the original drum track and the final song that I created with it (so you can see what I had to start with, and what I created).

So far I have one track almost finished, and one other musician working on another drum track.

The style is a mix of power metal, industrial, and neo-classical metal with grindy, mean sounding vocals. There is a sample on my main news page that you can download to hear what I'm expecting.

So if you're interested and can do some descent drumming (preferably MIDI based), head on over to my homepage and check things out.

Even if you don't think your that good, give it a try anyway! I'll work with you to help develop your skills.

If anyone remembers the old MIDI classes I gave a few years back (http://www.doomworld.com/fanatic/midi_class.htm), that turned out pretty cool. I'm hoping this will be at least as good.

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